Santa Claus​​  + Actor  +  Model  +  Photographer  +  Physician

Santa Claus

​Official 2016 Santa Bryant Park, NYC

Photo ​© Aaron Kinney

Copyright 2019.   Charles Nuttall.   All rights reserved.

My inner Santa was discovered in London, England, when a small girl with big eyes shyly asked me if I was “really Father Christmas.” I assured her that I was indeed, and warned her of the many imposters one sees this time of year. That exchange led me to embrace the role and share the joy during the holiday season.

I have performed as Santa at parties, marketplaces and fund raisers including:

​•  Bryant Park at the Public Library, New York, NY

​•  Holiday Artisan Market, Brooklyn, NY
•  Iris House, Harlem, NY

•  Pee Wee Herman backstage gathering, NYC

•  Playgirl magazine annual Christmas party, NYC

​•  Shag boutique, Brooklyn, NY

•  Various Christmas card manufacturers

​Please contact me about all your Santa needs.